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Frugal Gift Guide for My Birthday

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Here are some cheap (er, frugal, rather) ways to celebrate my birthday, if you feel obligated to buy me a gift, which you are by no means actually obligated to do:

– Buy me a digital scrapbook kit. I like stuff like Enchanted Forest or Enchanted Garden by Beth Rimmer. But I’m open to new surprises!

– Help me pick paint for Jennalise’s room, and then help me paint it (or play with Jennalise while I paint). I’ll buy the paint.

– Buy me a giant savory peach at a farmer’s market.

– I hear that Ikea has salad spinners that work well and are cheap.  We really need one of those. 

Of course, I love to shop for used books any time too.  I tried to make a wishlist at but apparently only I can see it.