I was really excited to have a new neighbor…

…with a 6 year old and an 18 month old move into the Rent-to-Own house up the street that had been vacant since we moved here.  The mother seemed really nice when I first met her, too.  However, my excitement was considerably dampened when said 18 month old nearly drove their Yukon into our Highlander as we were coming home from shopping today.

 I haven’t checked the laws of the state about driving in one’s own driveway (they were coming out of theirs as I was driving up the private road to our house) but the baby was clearly *not* in a car seat — he was being aided in his driving adventure by his mother, whose lap he was riding in.  And she was not even looking both ways.  Wrong on so many levels.  I do not think I’ll be making them oatmeal cookies now.

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