How to Prevent Screaming in Young Quakers

I did a Google search on “infant vocalization cough”, and one of the results was this catchy title.  I had to take a look.  You know, just in case Jennalise takes after Grandpa and becomes a Quaker.  This could be a useful knowledgebase for me, says I!

The Google excerpt was even more interesting:

Quakers will, almost immediately, pick up a chronic cough if there’s a cougher in the house. Some Quakers are intolerant of infant crying and will pitch a …”

However, as it turns out, this link was relating to “Quaker Parrots”.  Not as exciting as I’d hoped.

2 Responses to “How to Prevent Screaming in Young Quakers”

  1. Grandpa Joe says:

    Hum…screaming Quakers! Sounds like they were at a Meeting I was at last week where I had to mediate!

  2. lindauntie says:

    More posts please! 🙂

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