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How to Prevent Screaming in Young Quakers

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

I did a Google search on “infant vocalization cough”, and one of the results was this catchy title.  I had to take a look.  You know, just in case Jennalise takes after Grandpa and becomes a Quaker.  This could be a useful knowledgebase for me, says I!

The Google excerpt was even more interesting:

Quakers will, almost immediately, pick up a chronic cough if there’s a cougher in the house. Some Quakers are intolerant of infant crying and will pitch a …”

However, as it turns out, this link was relating to “Quaker Parrots”.  Not as exciting as I’d hoped.

Speaking of puns…

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

Not that we were.  But I got a good laugh when I read this line from an internal communication regarding men and other unauthorized users utilizing the “Mothers’ Room” in one of the company buildings:

 “I would like to remind everyone that the Mothers’ Rooms in the building have been set aside for the expressed use for lactating mothers.”

 Hehe.  Expressed.  Hehe.

Maybe this wouldn’t seem as funny if I’d had more than one or two uninterrupted nights’ sleep in the last seven months…

Surprised and Weary

Thursday, February 1st, 2007

A mom on one of the discussion groups I’ve subscribed to recently described herself as “surprised and weary” about the results of that lavender essential oil study that’s getting all the hoopla lately.

I think “surprised and weary” could describe many a new mom/parent…

(P.S.  Your spelling bee word is “gynecomastia”.)